Tutorial Designer

Tutorial Designer saves you the work of extending your scripts and rewriting your Gamelogic, to build a Tutorial on top of it. Instead you can leave everything in place, and let this asset take care of it. It combines Visual Scripting, Workflow Design and Dialogue Creation in one piece. Put together your Tutorial steps and watch the progress in Realtime, as the game is running. Start at individual steps for testing specific Tutorial parts.
Bring your own graphics for the panels and buttons. Forget about Unity’s UI layouting and use TD to handle all this. If you like intuitive tools that make your life easier, but still want to keep control about what’s going on, this is your asset!


Visualised Scripting


Event-based Storyline

Custom Dialogues

Native Unity-UI for Dialogue Objects

Design your own theme

One-Time Tutorial possible

Multi-Language Support


Fully compatible with Windows, OSX, Linux

All mobile Devices

Designed for Unity Pro / Non-Pro Skin

Can be used for every Game Type

Designed for Unity 5.3.0 and higher

Optimized Code for builds

Everything saved into Scene

Import / Export to JSON


Fully playable Demo included

Simple Tutorial-Example

Structured Documentation

Fully commented code

Support by email / Community

Everything written in C#

No Plugins necessary