Tanks Multiplayer

Tanks Multiplayer is an action packed multiplayer template using Unity Networking (UNET) or Photon Unity Networking (PUN). On the default settings, it allows up to 12 players in 4 different teams, per room, to compete for the highest score in a classic team deathmatch mode. It features player model selection, shooting, powerups, player death & respawn, networked object pooling, almost all Unity services and more.

With this template, we are laying the ground for a successful multiplayer game, by demonstrating common network tasks such as fully authoritative server actions, commands & RPCs, synced variables / object states and host migration but also monetizing players using in-app purchases and video ads to keep your servers running. We’ve included an in-depth documentation about all approaches we took while building this and commented each and every method, so you can follow along easily.


Auto Team Balance

Killcam following killer

Offline mode vs AI bots

Step by Step documentation

Optional: Unity IAP

Optional: Unity Ads


Online Matchmaking

Host Migration (not on WebGL with UNET)

LAN mode & LAN game discovery

Synchronized Player Variables

Synchronized Player Movement

Player Death & Respawn Handling

Networked Object Pooling


Player Model Selection

Team Deathmatch Mode

4 Teams

12 Players / Room

Powerups & Special Bullets

Mobile & Desktop Input



This template is awsome. So easy to work with and change anything you want. The support from developer is awsome as well. Very helpfull and friendly. Would recommend this asset for anyone looking to make a multiplayer game.phuman1987
A fantastic design with fast and efficient support. All my emails were answered in minutes. The documentation is very clear and detailed step by step how to put the project online. 5 stars, no doubt.gustavonettoh
The definition of cross-platform. […] This is well done, and I “tip my hat” to the developers for giving me the opportunity to work with this asset and use it as a framework for something that I can attach my own flavour to.Cerlox