Simple Waypoint System

Simple Waypoint System is an editor extension that allows you to create waypoints and paths very easily right within the editor. With those created, you can then tell any kind of game object to follow a specific path, which is useful for every automated movement in your applications.

Simple Waypoint System provides a custom path creator interface for linear or curved splines, bezier curves and NavMesh paths. Our path creator lets you place waypoints just by clicking on ground, they get connected internally. After the part of path construction, you are still able to edit your existing path with the built-in buttons, which add or remove waypoints, place them onto other objects or invert the path direction. Our movement scripts, utilizing the free tween library DOTween or Unity’s NavMesh agents, conclude what you need for a simple waypoint system.


Custom path manager editor

Linear, curved, bezier and NavMesh paths

Movement scripts

Works in 2D or 3D space

Advanced example scenes

Full source code in C#

Quick Start documentation

PlayMaker support


At game start or through code

Based on speed or time

Looptypes (loop, pingpong, random)

Support for easetypes (linear, spring, …)

Call your own methods at waypoints using UnityEvents in the inspector or by code

Mecanim Animator support


AI patrol behavior

Movement on a Path

Moving platforms

Camera or object animation

Cut scenes

If you want to have waypoints or have an object move on a path, this is for you. I currently use it for my 2D project for NPC AI, and its a godsend. Herbert Joseph
After long time trying to code different options to move an object on a path, switch paths and orient to the path – found that Simple waypoint system is the best solution and has it all.Oren Bentov
As a “one-man-band” freelancers often find themselves in situations of accepting impossible jobs and deadlines just to score a contract… If you’re an architect, designer, artist and need a quick, easy and VISUAL waypoint system… this is it!Kalin Krastev