Simple IAP System

Simple IAP System takes the complexity out of in-app purchases (IAPs) and the billing process as a whole by providing a one-stop solution for managing IAPs, be it for real money or virtual currency. SIS handles all the different callbacks technically and visually, while the design and templates included are fully customizable. With unlockable in-game content logic, various item selection modes and a flexible database manager for storing your own app-related data on the device, it offers the full range of professional in-app purchase techniques.
Requires Unity IAP.

As you may know from our other products, we really put emphasis on the ease of use of our assets. Basically you can start with one of the shop templates, set up the IAP Settings and tell the callback listener what to do when it receives a (purchased) product id. That’s it!

Simple IAP System supports PlayFab for cloud save, player management, remote catalogs, receipt validation and more. Note that our PlayFab integration is in active development, where certain limitations may apply in its current state. Please refer to our PlayFab integration guide for current plans and details.


Unity UI integration

Simple-to-use IAP Settings Editor widget

Dynamic Shop Layout & Shop Templates

Real Money & Virtual Currency Purchases

Local Storage of IAP Data

Cloud Save integration via PlayFab

Localized Online Item Data (from App Stores)

Remotely hosted config for virtual products

Item Selection Modes

Locked Items based on Player Progress

Flexible Inventory & database management

Client-Side or Server Receipt Validation


Vertical list, scrollbar

Vertical tabs, scrollbar

Menu, vertical lists

Horizontal list, scrollbar

Horizontal tabs, scrollbar

Menu, horizontal lists

Virtual Reality Oculus sample

Currently supporting platforms you won’t find in any other billing plugin on the Unity Asset Store:

Steam, PayPal (WebGL or Standalone) and Oculus Store (Rift or GearVR)!





The developer of this asset has taken the tedious process of implementing IAPs in a clean way, and actually made it kind of fun to implement via this asset. I bought the asset this morning, and had fully functioning IAPs in under an hour.Adam Smith
This is by far the easiest-to-implement solution to your IAP needs. I used this asset for my very first game, and, without any previous knowledge, implementation was incredibly easy for me.Tim Kwak
Perfect Solution! I just want to say, this asset is worth every penny! I have used this in several of my projects and will continue to use it as long as I make games.Larry Pendleton