NavMesh Extension

NavMesh Extension extends Unity’s navigation system by an editor UI for drawing NavMeshes, in addition to portals (teleporters), which intelligently search for shortcuts similar to off-mesh links.

Ever wanted to create custom NavMeshes, instead of marking whole objects as static? Then this is for you! Our editor scripts allow you to place vertices on colliders in your scene, to build tailored meshes for use with Unity’s navigation and pathfinding system. You are able to bake your NavMesh based on these meshes to let Unity’s NavMesh agents walk on them. Additionally, NavMesh Extension comes with support for portals, which can be placed anywhere on a NavMesh. Portals work like teleporters and can produce shortcuts or connect non-continuous NavMeshes, such as islands, for that little bit of extra polish in your navigation logic.


Complements Unity’s navigation system

For use with Unity’s NavMesh Agents

Place vertices to create custom meshes

Select and move vertices in Edit Mode

Merge multiple meshes into one

Save meshes as assets and prefabs


Allow for shortcuts or islands

Place them anywhere on your NavMesh

Intuitive portal creation editor

Find the shortest path through portals

Take multiple portals into account