Press Kit

Bean Wars

Developer:Rebound Games GbR
based in Bitz, Germany
Release Date:Q4 2018
Platforms:Android, iOS
Website:Landing Page
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Short Description

Wacky one-on-one dueling between fearless beans on nameless territory

Full Description

Beat other players by choosing different attack moves and guessing the right defenses. Luck meets strategy here, as you get to develop strengths and aim at your opponents weaknesses. Improve your skills and rank up, to become one of the most infamous bean in the wild! Make your bean look unique by slapping a nice outfit and color on it. You can even taunt your opponents by typing in quotes, which you will throw into your enemy’s face after victory.


  • Random Matchmaking
  • Challenge Friends
  • Facebook Integration
  • Many Outfits
  • Alternate Win Animations
  • Custom Taunting Speech Bubbles
  • Ranking and Skill Development


Michael Bukmaier
Programming, Artwork, Animation, UI, Sound

Florian Bukmaier
Programming, UI, Cloudscripting


After Deadly Labs, this is our second serious title to hit the stores. We are Michael and Florian Bukmaier from South Germany and are creating Unity Assets and games since 2012. The company Rebound Games GbR was formed in 2013.
We make games mainly because we love it. We cannot live from it, though. So we work on them in our spare time. We already earned a reputation in the asset business, now it’s time to leave a mark in the more challenging games world as well. This game will be a step towards this goal.