This page explains the basics of user interfaces and game play mechanics in Deadly Labs. If you are looking for our Privacy Policy, please go here instead.


Inside a secret laboratory in the middle of nowhere, a nuclear fluid was created – Nucleon-X, the strongest power source ever seen by mankind. Two scientists working on a giant robotic machine, powered by that fluid, supposed to change the world for good. There are two scientists who lead the operations.

Dr. White

He has only good intensions and wants to use Nucleon-X to power engines and machines, so the world resources of our planet aren’t wasted any more. He also invented the Ranger 5X as a working unit, to be more effective than any man built machine could ever be.

Dr Snake

Partner of Dr. White. His origin is unknown. Like Dr. White he has excellent skills in chemistry, but not always uses it in harmless ways. His interest goes more into gaining power and abuse Nucleon-X to his own interests. Therefore he’s willing to get rid of everybody else in the labs to transform them to a death machinery.


Your job is to defend the labs from Snake’s toxic brainless creatures “broodles”, which are tying to annihilate everybody that stands in their way. The good thing is, his attack phases last only a few minutes. You have to survive during this time and prevent Snake from taking over and enslave mankind.


This is sort of a battery, powered by Nucleon-X. It’s purpose is to power up machines and to be used as a power source in general.


The nuclear waste barrel, for all chemical substances which has to be disposed in a lab like this. A small indicator shows its current capacity from 0% – 100%. It must NOT reach 100%, or it’s going to blow up the level.


The only place where N-Units can be stored safely. Enemies will get them out of there, though.



Strafe around by touching and moving the navigation button on the bottom left. You have to be quick in order to have an overview over the whole level. The broodles act fast!


You aim and shoot by touching the screen somewhere on the screen outside the navigation button and the weapon inventory. Just tap on the enemies to shoot in their directions. Every weapon has its own little special feature. More below.


Enemies try to fill up the poisonbarrel with N-Units. This will cause it to collapse and blow up the level


Snake’s first creation. Eats trash and has no fear. He won’t stop until he destroyed everything around him. Even Snake cannot get in his way.


He’s very quick but a little weaker than the first broodle. Hard to hit but takes more damage. Also his head can be shut off if you hit it. Because he is also light, he can be grabbed and thrown by the hand weapon.

Fat broodle

This one is really strong. Takes a lot of shots and is the most robust broodle of all. Thankfully he is also slower than the other ones, because he’s so fat.

Ranger 5X

Used to be an intelligent unit to act as a construction worker. But Snake transformed him to a killing machine. If you can make it to the last level, there will be an epic boss fight with this creation.



A ball of toxic waste that hurt broodles and also smash other stuff. Very simple, just touch the screen wherever you want to shoot at.


Let’s you throw stuff around and hit enemies with it. Touch and hold an object you want to throw. Drag to aim at the desired position and release to throw. You’ll learn how it works in a special training level.


Shoots a slow motion ball that has twice the impact than a slime ball. Camera follows the ball in slow motion while you can alter it’s direction to hit the target.

Space Grenade

Causes an explosion which in turn causes multiple grenade splitters that also explode after they bounce around the floor. Very effective to kill multiple enemies at once.


It has no delay between the shots and is also stronger than a slime ball. Use it if the thread is getting tough and broodles are about to win.


Items help you to get an advantage in tricky situations. You can get them from the Shop in the main menu by the earned coins in the game.


Can be used to clear up some waste inside the poisonbarrel. It reduces it’s capacity. Helpful if you lose control over the situation.


Can also be applied upon a poisonbarrel to protect it against some attacks. It builts an electric shield around the barrel and won’t N-Units be thrown in there.


Punches a hole in space and time, slowing it down for the human eye. Only lasts a short time, but meanwhile you have an advantage over the enemies and can act twice as fast as them. Or actually, they are half as fast as you.


Fortunately Dr. White left some of his defence machines in the labs. Whenever the “Helpers” button is active on the start menu of a level, you can get those and put them in the current level. They will destroy all creatures nearby. You should definitively make use of them if you can.


A robotic spider that was built of tools like a saw and a hammer. It’s sensor detects toxic irregularities like broodle movement and attacks them as soon as they walk by.


This was built before Dr. White had Nucleon-X as a power source. It uses old fashion power from wires, gathers it and shoots a lightning thunderbolt on broodles around it.


Has the farest range of all helpers. But is also a little more expensive than the other ones. If a broodle walks by, it turns around and shoots an electricity ball on an enemy. It never fails its target.


In most levels there are objectives that can be achieved. You recognise it by one or two little circles below the level button. This indicates that there are one or two objectives to accomplish. Read the mission in the start menu of a level. Every objective is different.


On each page of the level selection there is a bonus level. To unlock it you have to achieve every objective in the normal levels. The bonus level are different, no timer. Instead they are endless mode levels with a global highscore. There you can compete against other players around the world.