This page explains the basics of user interfaces and game play mechanics in Bean Wars. If you are looking for our Privacy Policy, please go here instead.

The Fight page shows your current challenges. Other beans you either want to fight or have to defend.

When starting a fight, you have to choose moves for 3 rounds! Each round you must attack and defend. Choose your moves and guess your opponent’s moves.

There are 3 options:

1. Low Blow

2. Double Middle Axe

3. Uppercut


In the “My Bean” section of the menu bar, you can style your bean. Select color and brightness.
Put a nice gear on your bean! Looking good is important for beans. This can impress or intimidate your enemies.
The “Quote” sets a victory taunt for you, which you can type in yourself. If you win, the text is shown to your enemy, making his defeat even harder!
If you connect with Facebook, the Friends list shows Facebook friends which are also playing the game. You can invite other friends with the button at the top.
The Global leaderboard shows the worlds best bean fighters with their ranks. The list shows players around your score. When you climb up the scoreboard, you’ll also see more successful beans.

Search a player by typing in his or her name and hit the SEARCH button.
Besides the top global players, there’s also a TOP 10 list of weekly players. Here the rank number applies to the top winners in only the current week.
After reaching the next level, you can boost up skills of your bean.

  1. More lives
  2. Stronger Uppercut
  3. Stronger Double Middle Axe
  4. Stronger Low Blow