Import in PlayMaker project causes errors

  • So after having spend the entire day to recover my project I am back to a working version, yet after installing Simple Waypoint System once more into my project, I have again 100+ errors in my project immediately.

    They have all to do with Playmaker actions and action helpers, is there something I'm missing when installing this into a Playmaker based project?

    I would attach an image, but I don't have enough privilege to do so.
    Any help is appreciated.

  • What's even worse, if I uninstall and delete the entire SWS folder, those errors do not go away and stay.

    Somehow this asset completely corrupts Playmaker and the project.

    Sample errors:
    Assets/PlayMaker/Actions/ActionHelpers.cs(18,29): error CS0234: The type or namespace name 'AnimationEnums' does not exist in the namespace 'HutongGames.PlayMaker' (are you missing an assembly reference?)

    Assets/PlayMaker/Actions/UI/EventSystem/EventTriggerActionBase.cs(17,10): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'DisplayOrder' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

    Assets/PlayMaker/Actions/UI/UiScrollbarGetValue.cs(5,33): error CS0117: 'ActionCategory' does not contain a definition for 'UI'

    Just for clarification, my project doesn't have a single error before I import Simple Waypoint System.

  • Hello,

    the errors you are mentioning do not come from SWS. We do not include a Assets/PlayMaker/Actions/UI folder.

    Please see the forum guidelines on how to post images.

    SWS only comes with DOTween already included. Upon import, if you have DOTween already in your project, you can safely delete our copy. No other errors should show up besides this.

    Then, please confirm if the errors occur upon importing our PlayMaker actions unitypackage. Also, for a detailed bug report please state your Unity, SWS and PlayMaker version so I can try to reproduce this.

  • Hi, thanks for the reply, it has been quiet a frustrating day yesterday since the entire project started to fall apart. Only a Time Machine backup could save it in the end.

    Unfortunately, I definitely can confirm that it's SWS who causes the project to get corrupted. I reproduced it 3 times already and it happens every time.

    If you want I can happily jump on a teamviewer. We obviously can also try to resolve this here over the forum.

    I did delete DoTween actions after install since I already have the Pro version included.

    So this is console before installing the asset:
    alt text

    This is console after installing (disabling DoTween):
    alt text

    I haven't done anything other than installing the asset from the asset store.

    Also you're saying that you don't include a Asset/Playmaker/Actions/UI folder... but you do include Playmaker actions:

    alt text

    Somehow your asset messes with what I have already in my project and it literally becomes unusable. What can cause this?

    Unity is 2019.4.8, Playmaker is latest and SWS is latest.

  • Thanks for the follow up! Wow, you're right, I was able to reproduce this with the latest PlayMaker version.

    First, the PlayMaker scripts should not be unpacked in SWS by default. This is a fault on my part during uploading. Second, I am absolutely astonished how importing our additional actions can break the original PlayMaker scripts. Seriously, I have never seen such an issue in 7 years working with Unity.

    The solution: only closing Unity, deleting the PlayMaker folder in the file system, reopening Unity and reimporting PlayMaker made the project responsive again. After doing this, you can also import our PlayMaker actions package (in the SWS/Extensions/PlayMaker folder) again and they will not throw errors anymore. Which makes absolutely no sense.

    I have uploaded a version of SWS without the PlayMaker actions unpacked, so you have to unpack them manually after import (which was the intention anyway). It should be live any moment.

    Thanks again for the report, and sorry for the trouble caused!

  • Hi thanks for getting back.

    Just to double check, the new version uploaded 2 days ago shouldn't give any errors anymore?


  • Yes, that's correct. It contains a PlayMaker unitypackage with the same actions, which does not give errors on import.

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