moveToPath bug

  • Hello

    I've been away since I last wrote you, just checked your messages and whoa. I don't know what you're talking about..? You were being very vague with words so I tried to make things a little more crystal clear. Anyhow moving on-

    So, yeah all previous events getting triggered has been solved I had come up with something and had fixed it. I haven't tested your update yet but I will sometime thanks.

    There still is a problem. I thought this was happening because all previous events would get triggered like that but turns out this is something else.
    In a situation where startPoint is set to 1 and moveToPath is set to true, if you start an object somewhere between the point 0 and 1 meaning it did not start from waypoint 0, it goes right back to 0 as soon as it reaches point 1.

    I thought fixing the other issue would fix this too but it has not and this time I don't think there's anything to solve this problem. moveToPath must work the way it's supposed to when startPoint is greater than 0 but it will always force the first reached object to go back and start from there all over again.

    Any workaround for this you can think of?

  • Not reproducible. Please try this in a default project, in the example scenes without modification.

    At the very least, a bug report should contain the following information:

    • Unity version
    • Selected build platform
    • SWS version
    • Movement script (spline/bezier/nav)
    • if applicable, the movement script settings (screenshot) the bug can be reproduced with

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