Doubt about nodes in path

  • Do I have any feature out of the box to invoke events after a pass from N waypoints or I can only set events to specific waypoints?

    I mean, suppose that I have 3 nodes - A, B, C - if I want that characters do something on the last node BUT splineMove.reverse will be randomized at the start, so sometimes A will be last and sometime C will be the last. I've been writing events using but those are sequential and I need to reverse the whole path to creating what I want. Am I doing something wrong or I need to write a custom script to this

  • Your request is specific to your game, I suppose. If I understand correctly, you would like to fire an event at the last waypoint of a path, regardless of it being reversed or not.

    I would suggest adding an event to both waypoints, start and end. Then in your method, check for the splineMove.reverse boolean before executing the rest of your code.

  • It's not specific, I want that a character can run an event after passed for N nodes independent of this node position. I only used an example of firing an event in the last waypoint. Do I have this kind of control?

  • There is no "fire event after X waypoints". You have this control e.g. by subscribing to all events in your own script and counting up, then deciding when to execute further code.

    The events on waypoints system is so flexible that you can basically do everything with it.

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