Dotween vs SWS

  • I had no idea before I started this project of mine but now, to my understanding, anything achieved in SWS can be achieved using Dotween except SWS provides more control in the scene is that correct?
    I'm doing everything programmatically so now I'm thinking.. maybe I could've done the whole thing with Dotween..? Or does SWS come with features that are not achievable with Dotween?

  • You can try DOTween Free, but you'll quickly realize that it's a lot more effort to move objects in a convenient way when it comes to pathing.

    DOTween focuses on animating values, which could be anything really. And it is great on that part. DOTween Pro adds a visual editor for paths. It is designed for per-object tweens and therefore each object needs its own path component/editor. Switching paths or having multiple objects move on the same path requires duplicating components. For anything that needs to be tweened a few times though, it provides a good API, especially for programmers.

    As you know, SWS is designed for path management and paths have their own components. The focus is not on per-object movement, but on an n-n path/object relation and path handling in general - basically an extension to DOTween, only caring about everything related to path tweens. There are settings in SWS like the random loop type, move to path, start point, waypoint rotation or the navMove script (not using tweens but Unity navigation) which do not exist in DOTween.

    Ultimately it is up to you which one to use and when. For single or very simple tweens I would absolutely recommend DOTween Free or DOTween Pro, if you would like to set them up manually via code. For everything that is moving repeatedly, multiple times or switching paths at runtime, SWS should offer a benefit.

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