subscription option is not there in Version: 4.3.5

  • I didn't find subscription option after selection of default in plugin. i got only consumable and non consumable.

  • You did not set up or enable Unity IAP. Read the documentation PDF included, page 2.

  • @Baroni I read the document, I followed your video tutorial in Product Type class in enum subscription option not even there you can see in screen shot. how can i get that subscription option to select. if select non consumable ,will the subscription work?
    alt text

    and also if choose "override platform" option i am getting errors
    alt text

    i followed your video tutorial , i enabled unity inapp you can find in sceenshot.alt text

    please reply me ASAP. thank you

  • Clearly, you did not read the documentation on page 2 - at least not all of it. While the documentation always reflects the current state, our YouTube video is from 2016 and parts of it are outdated.

    I am not sure what else to tell you, since what you need to do is written on page 2 in the documentation. You completely skipped our "Window > Simple IAP
    System > Plugin Setup
    " editor window for enabling Unity IAP on your platform.

    alt text

  • Now i realized my mistake. I changed my rating now. I just followed that Tutorial video. Thanks for support.

  • Thank you! Feel free to ask further questions in an existing thread with the same topic, or new a thread.

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