Is there an option to add stop point?

  • Hi Team,

    Is there an option to add stop point? Just like there is an option for start point.
    If not, could you please give some basic idea how to implement that please.

  • You can use waypoint events for calling Stop() on the movement script.

    Please see the events example scene for adding them in the inspector, or at runtime via code. There is a sample that calls a delay on the path.

  • @Baroni Great. It worked thanks.
    Is there an option to pause and resume the object if something is in front of an object?
    I have seen an example that there is an option to pause/resume but can it be done dynamically if there is something in front of an object. ( Like car traffic)

  • You have to add your own logic in order to "detect" an object in front of the moving object, i.e. by raycasting. This is highly game-specific so there is no one-fits-them-all solution built-in. Your logic can then trigger the Pause/Resume methods.

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