DBManager.IncreaseFunds updates in unity testing, exporting to Android does not.

  • Hello, I love this asset and have gotten DBManager to work, register successful purchases, and adding funds, but I recently ran into this issue where whenever I'm in runtime/testing the game within unity the funds update across all scenes, but whenever I export the apk and test it from the Google play store the funds never add, or update.

    Any idea how to fix this? Thanks.

  • Hi there,

    could you please provide device logs when running the APK? Please see this thread for debugging:


    Note: buying currency within Unity is skipping the actual payment process, due to it being in test mode. If buying real money does not work on an actual device, it is likely that there is an issue in the setup.

    Calling DBManager.IncreaseFunds is not related to that and should provide the same result though.

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