Saving Game Looses Start Node configuration and Zoom prevents editing

  • Hello.
    Just started today using the tutorial designer. I found some issues:

    1. When we Save the tutorial and open it again. It always looses the start node configuration.

    It is not critical because it seems that the start node and the tutorial persists if we close and open unity. But if it is a thing that could be easily implemented, I think it would help.

    1. Regarding the zoom, when zooming out from 0,6 and below, the actions become not editable. This is not critical also, but we loose sometime understanding why those fields become not editable till understand it is zoom related.

    I am using Version 1.3.3(current)
    And Unity 2019.3.10f1

    Thank you.

  • Hello,

    thanks for the hint! The Zoom behavior is on purpose, because funny things can happen in Unity's Editor is UI elements are scaled...

    The StartNode config should be saved, though. I cannot confirm this in earlier versions of Unity. If you plan to upgrade to a different version soon, please let me know if it still happens.

    Thanks, Michael

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