DBManager does not update after subscriptions are deleted from Playfab

  • I use Playfab for just validation only. I added "Receipt Validator Service" to "IAPManager" and set verification type to "On Purchase". When I purchase subscription from my app, Playfab creates users and shows purchases transactions.

    To test that DBManager has been updated, I delete the user from Playfab. But when I open the app again, DBManager does not update that there is no subscription and still says there is a subscription.

  • Also, when I set verification type to "OnStart", Playfab doesn't create a user and doesn't show purchases transactions.

  • Few things:

    • PlayFab does not support subscriptions. Please also read our documentation PDF on page 11, which mentions this too.

    • When using PlayFab "Validation Only", the verification type on the ReceiptValidatorService must be set to "On Purchase". "On Start" would not make sense at all, since there is nothing to validate at app launch without receipt storage.

    • To test that DBManager has been updated, I delete the user from Playfab. But when I open the app again, DBManager does not update that there is no subscription and still says there is a subscription.

    I guess there is a misunderstanding with the concept behind PlayFab "Validation Only". "Validation Only" creates a new PlayFab user at the time of purchase, for receipt validation only. That's it. It does not login the user, or fetch its inventory on app launch - we have the PlayFab "Full Suite" option for this. So if you grant products to the user in PlayFab, or delete it completely, it does not have any effect. The data is still saved on the device, because only the purchase receipt was validated online.

  • @Baroni so how do we need to verify if the user canceled the subscription?

  • Please have a look at the documentation. Subscription validation is only supported with server side verification.


  • How can I send you a private message?

  • I don't want to use this asset anymore. Would you please refund the payment?

  • As per Unity Asset Store EULA, there are no refunds for downloaded purchases. See the details on this page.

    You have already used the asset, asked questions, I've tried to provide support and guidance. If your issue is with setting up a server for subscription receipt validation - there are also free web hosting offers which can work for this. Several customers did this, on their own or external servers. Server side receipt validation is the most secure method and the only way for detecting expired subscriptions.

  • Your asset is too complicated and I guess I'm newbie to integrate it. This package did not work for me. Unfortunately, I gave up integrating.

  • Subscriptions are not easy to implement regarding security, that's right.

    However, by following our store guides on this forum, hundreds of users implemented in app purchases, and many of them even without coding knowledge (we have some Playmaker users as well).

    Maybe you should rethink your approach with subscriptions, or don't use receipt validation at all. If you're still going to implement in app purchases, doing it with the Unity IAP classes directly (without our asset) won't be easier...

  • Is there a way to check subscriptions on the client side?

  • Unity IAP was able to control subscription expiration, why didn't you integrate it?

  • if I use Server Side Receipt Validation with my own server, should I use Playfab validation?

  • when I use playfab full suite mode, the IAP Items cannot initialize in the container. How to solve this?

  • You are "firing off" questions in all directions. Please focus on what you would like to do, and start a new thread for one topic. Your questions are not related to the initial post anymore. I will answer all of them here now, but please keep in mind that this is not a chat, but a forum for others to find related threads as well.

    If you mean Unity's SubscriptionManager, we didn't implement it because it doesn't work as described. It just checks a receipt locally thus does not provide any additional security at all. This might change in the future.

    ReceiptValidatorServer and ReceiptValidatorService are two separate scripts. The first is for your server, the second is for use with PlayFab. You cannot use them both.

    If you use PlayFab FullSuite, you have to follow our PlayFab guide completely in order to set up the connection. Your question is too general for me to answer, as you did not mention any errors on either side - it's basically "it doesn't work".

    It is clear that you didn't decide on which functionality you would like to use yet. Please try to find similar threads on this forum for the issues you experience, and create a new thread if you still run into troubles for one specific integration.


  • ok man, you don't have to be so angry! thank you

  • My post should not read angry, sorry if it came off that way.

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