splineMove.Move() starts 2 times

  • Hi,

    I just faced some glitch after playing with splineMove settings. I changed Ease type and after that, at the start of a path there's a "double start". I don't know how to explain that, so here's a video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U61F4HcvHuM&feature=youtu.be
    You can see that when I move back from the bridge something is definitely wrong. I set all my settings back, but nothing changed.

  • Hello,

    unfortunately it is impossible for me to predict what you're doing :)

    Please try setting the ease type to linear again. Even if you set it from "time" to "speed" based, the ease type is still being used. Speed based with linear ease type is the default setting.

  • Yes, but I need an ease. Guess I will have to change speed gradually based on distance remaining between A and B points.

  • There are ease types which move to the end, then back and forth again. It depends on which one you are using.


  • Sorry for your time, that was my fault, 2 waypoints at the end were so close to each other(I need one for event) and I accidentally set Path Type to "Catmull Rom". Setting it back to Linear fixed the issue. I'm really sorry. But I needed that link with explanation about all ease types, so thank you so much!

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