Problem while trying to run an online game in editor

  • Hi all,

    Game works just fine on mobile or in a standalone desktop build, but when I try to run an online game in the editor itself, I get following errors:

    Thanks in advance & keep up the awesome work!

  • Hello,

    could you please provide more information? Did you investigate what the error says - is the Network prefab inactive in your scene at some point?

    Are there any other scripts interfering with the scene causing it to reload (first warning in your screenshot)? Does this happen in a new project with only our asset as well?

  • Sorry for late reply, but solved it, thanks!

  • It always make sense to post the solution you did, so others can use it as well.

  • Honestly, since I was changing stuff here and there, and it was my first time tinkering with it, I started another project from scratch, and it didn't happen again.
    So I didn't solve it in that sense, I just worked cleaner.

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