APPStore Restore question.

  • Hello,
    I have creat a virtual currency and it is consumable.It can be purchasesd by the Real Money,or get from the Game.
    We only could use the virtual currency to buy Non-consumable “Characters”.I have check the "Fetch" ,but when I reset the app, the Non-consumable “Characters” cann't restored.
    And there is also a Non-consumable item"noads" which is purchasesd by the Real Money, it can be restored.
    So do I must use a server to save the purchasing info? or there is a simple way could restore the Non-consumable “Characters”.
    Best regards.

  • Hello,

    virtual products cannot be restored - hence their name. Virtual products only exist within your app, in contrast to real money products, which are handled and saved by the App Stores. It does not matter whether the products are consumable or non-consumable: if you didn't purchase them from an App Store, for real money, then the App Store does not know about them.

    We introduced PlayFab support for saving all products, be it virtual or for real money, to a player's account online. You definitely need a server and login system like PlayFab for players to store their game progress online.

    Side node: "Fetch" pulls localized data like title and description from the App Store for a better user experience and to show the price in local currency. It is not related to restoring products.

  • OK.I will learn to use the PlayFab.Thank you very much.

  • @Baroni
    Hi Baroni,
    Sorry to bother you again.I have checked the “Guide: PlayFab integration",and it seems to be a little different from my needs.
    If I use the Receipt validation only,I'm not sure if I could restore the Non-consumable “Characters”(Because of the IOS policy) ?
    If I use the Full site,I don't want User Logging page,and I would like Users can play without connect service.
    Could you please give me some advice?Thank you.

  • The "Receipt Validation Only" option only sends purchase receipts to PlayFab for validation, it does not provide full inventory access as the "Full Suite" option does.

    I'm curious, how would you restore purchases from a server without player login? There are other options too, like Google Play Saved Games, which requires a Google account in addition to sign-in. This would be up to you to implement though.

  • Sorry for the stupit question. I'm a newbee,I thought it's like ios real money purchases.
    Maybe I will use ios purchases instead of virtual currency.Thank you.

  • No stupid questions, I'm always up for suggestions and improvements :)

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