Waypoints Rotation

  • Hello,

    1. When Rotating an object with Waypoints Rotation and if path type is Bezier, rotation will be set as the start waypoint at the end. Spline doesn't have that issue.

    2. When rotating with waypoints rotation and ease type set to Out Quat or Out Quint or Out Expo etc. rotation can't get in time and not changing smooth. How can I use Out Quint, for example, for slow at the end, but not slowing the rotation?

    So, there it is. Why beizer path has reset rotation at the end and how not to slow rotation when using Out Quint and similar types with slow effect?

  • Hello,

    unfortunately I'm out of office for the following week so I can't check your first point at the moment. I will get back to you on my return, next weekend.

    1. Using an ease type slows down the tween speed. When your movement tween uses a rotation, the tween moves progresses slower, and so does the rotation. If you want to have movement and rotation be completely separate, you would need to have two separate tweens.

    Please follow up if I didn't get your question right.

  • Okay, I understand. But how do I use 2 paths at the same time in order to control rotation without slow? Is that possible?

  • If you mean 2 movement scripts running on the same object - no. You would still have one movement script on the object and disable rotation on that. Then create a rotation tween manually for that object, in a separate script, with the parameters you like.


    This is the first time I hear about such a requirement, so I am not exactly sure about the use case, but this is how I would do it.

  • Thank you for help. I ended up creating an event at the end of a path to manually reduce the speed over time and that works perfectly now. Also I just changed my paths from Beizer to Spline and now it doesn't reset the rotation at the end of a path. Also, if someone face this trouble and you don't want to reduce speed by event, you can rotate an object by event, Lerp() or RotateTowards() will work in this case. Events are really handly here, didn't notice this at first. Thanks one more time, good luck!

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