Starting Path not from the start (Move to path)

  • Hello,

    I bought your asset for creating smooth camera movement from A to B for my point&click game. I couldn't use animations because I wanted create a smooth end. I want to make player able move in next path even if first hasn't done, I use slow at the end of the path. So, how can I do this? You can check it out in the game called "Faraway". They have smooth end and you can go back even if the path didn't make it to the end.

  • Figured that out. If you want to go to another path even if previous is not finished just place the second path a bit further and enable Move To Path in trough splineMove.moveToPath = true; But why it disables by default? Is there a way to make it enabled permament? For now I have to always enable it trough script.

  • Hello,

    it is correct that moveToPath needs to be enabled before calling StartMove() or SetPath(). The reason behind this is that moveToPath not only is a checkbox in the inspector, but an actual internal toggle for the script whether or not the object should move to the path. It also stays enabled until the object reaches the path, so it can be checked in order to figure out whether the object is currently moving but not on the path.

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