SiS <-> PlayFab : Referencing Another Catalog Besides 'Primary'

  • Hi there.

    I looked through the docs and didn't see any mention of how to reference other catalogs in PlayFab besides the one marked primary.

    I need to add some items to the catalog and roll charts for an update to test, but obviously can't have them live in the currently published binary.

    Any pointers as to where I would need to set this value in SiS / PlayFab prior to making the new catalog primary in the next release?


  • Hi Matt,

    the base class for PlayFab requests is the 'PlayfabStore' script. In there, the method 'RetrieveProducts' calls 'PlayFabClientAPI.GetCatalogItems'. It does not specify a catalog version, so by default, is uses the primary (1) catalog version. If you would like to request a different version, you would specify it in that GetCatalogItemsRequest() attribute.

    On other store implementations, the RetrieveProducts method could be overridden with a similar variant.

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