2019 shader update

  • Hi all,

    I have upgraded the project version to 2019.1 following the asset update and noticed all other other 3d model imports are "pink" - I understand this has got to do materials but not too sure how to fix them. Could anyone give me a quick crash course on fixing this issue?

    Also, on side note, with unet being deprecated, will the asset be updated to the new connected games multiplayer once it becomes available?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hi there,

    the latest asset version makes use of the LWRP shaders. Since all materials need to be switched over to that, we've specifically uploaded a 2019.1 package to the Asset Store. Did you revisit the documentation pdf and getting started instructions?

    For more information on LWRP and how to set it up, please see the official Unity documentation. The important parts are installing the LWRP module and setting up the pipeline asset.


    Regarding Unity's new multiplayer service - yes, I'll implement that as soon as it's production ready.

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