Updating RM price of currency bundle on PlayFab

  • Hello! All is well when updating the virtual currency price of items, but I'm having some issues seeing changes to the realMoney price on currency bundle items after changing it on PlayFab and restarting the app. I have 'Fetch' checked for the bundle in the IAP Settings editor, but it doesn't seem to catch any changes in the RM price set on PlayFab.

    Looking through PlayFabStore:ApplyCatalogItem, it doesn't seem like it ever would ever see changes in RM price for a currency bundle, it does seems to check the CatalogItem's Bundle.BundleVirtualCurrencies for changes in how much the bundle rewards. Similarly, in PlayfabStore:OnCanalogRetrieved, it looks like there is a check for currency being equal to "RM", but the currency variable doesn't seem to get set before that check.

    For now, I've added some additional code in ApplyCatalogItem to grab the CatalogsItem's VirtualCurrencPrices for "RM" and update the realPrice of the IAPObject, but I suspect I may be missing something. Any help would be appreciated!

  • Hi Owen,

    thanks for the notice. May I ask what platform you are testing on?

    Mobile platforms receive the current "realPrice" directly from the App Stores, rather than from PlayFab. Since the price in $ needs to be exactly the same between App Stores and PlayFab - otherwise PlayFab's receipt validation will fail - we have decided that the leading data provider is the App Store in this case.

    I can't remember why I did not allow for price overrides on Steam/Oculus/etc. and am going to re-visit this for the next update. The implementation for it would be just like yours, so that's totally fine!

  • Hello! Sorry for the late reply, but I've been testing on Steam. Thanks for the extra information, I'll keep my additions for now and keep an eye out for the next update.

  • As a follow up to this, version 4.3.1 is live and includes the following additions based on your feedback:

    • added fetching product data and price from PlayFab on PayPal & Steam

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