Object has wrong rotation when following path

  • Hello there
    I'm doing a small scene with a boat following a path. The boat has the right direction before pressing play, but when pressing play, it rotates the object 90 degrees, despite how I rotate the boat in my maya file.
    So I can't get it to face forward.
    What am I doing wrong? :)

    Any direction would be much appreciated
    Cheers, Dan

  • Thanks for joining the forums.

    The cause is that your model has a different "forward" rotation than the movement script / Unity is expecting. I'm not sure about Maya, but in Blender the object rotation needs to be "applied" to the model, for it to have any effect in Unity. Ultimately you have two options:

    • go back in your modelling application and rotate the model there, or
    • create a new gameobject in Unity, attach the movement script to this new gameobject and make your object a child of it. The movement script will now move the parent instead of your (child) model directly, so you can now rotate the child to the desired rotation.

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