Using SWS with Playmaker

  • Hey, I'm hoping to use SWS with Playmaker but I'm struggling to make my NPC use the walk animation while following the spline move script.

    Is this maybe something to do with variables? Does float compare work?

    Thanks for any help

  • Hello,

    I'm not an expert with PlayMaker by any means - however for animations on objects, we have a script included already. Our MoveAnimator script, when attached to an object with a movement script and Animator component, should figure out the corresponding animations when moving though.

    Have you had a chance to look at it? Our humanoid sample characters in the example scenes all use the MoveAnimator script. Once the movement script reaches a certain speed threshold, the Animator will fade to a different animation, e.g. from walk to run. This is done via default Unity Mecanim transitions.

  • Thanks for your reply it helped fix that. Another question though, I want to use the Dialogue System for Unity asset with SWS but i'm struggling to figure out how to tell the dialogue node to tell the spline move script to continue.

    There's 3 points, with a splinemove.stop on the second. when the conversation ends I want the path to continue to 3rd waypoint

    any idea?

  • Don't call Stop() if you plan to let the movement script resume at some later point in time.

    Let your node call Pause() instead, and Resume() later.

    Stop ()
    Disables any running movement routines.

    Pause (float seconds=0f)
    Pauses the current movement routine for a defined amount of time.

    Resume ()
    Resumes the currently paused movement routine.

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