Forum Guidelines

  • Registration

    Because of fake customers in the past, we have limited Asset Support to certified customers only. While creating an user account, you will have to enter your Invoice ID (or multiple Invoice IDs) from the Unity Asset Store. You will then be able to create topics and reply in the category of your purchased asset. If you are already registered and buy another asset from us, please send an email, so we can add the additional role to your account.

    You can find our email address on our Imprint page.


    With hundreds or even thousands of posts in some categories, chances are high that your question was already answered. Please use the search!

    Attachments & Images

    We have disabled file uploads on this forum, in order to save bandwidth and keep our hosting costs low.

    Sharing Screenshots
    Please use a public image hosting provider for uploading your screenshots, and only share the url in your post. For example, free providers are or

    Sharing Files
    Please avoid sharing full projects uploaded to e.g. Dropbox or Google Drive. We do not take a look at client projects. If you would like to share single code snippets, embed them in your post and use the code tags.

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