powerups are not respawnin

  • Hi,

    When i take any poweup, it's not respawning again.
    I use clear Tanks Multiplayer project with Photon.
    When it try to respawn, it's give me this error:
    Illegal view ID:0 method: Instantiate GO:ObjectSpawner
    Photon.Pun.PhotonNetwork:RPC(PhotonView, String, RpcTarget, Player, Boolean, Object[]) (at Assets/Photon/PhotonUnityNetworking/Code/PhotonNetworkPart.cs:1001)
    Photon.Pun.PhotonNetwork:RPC(PhotonView, String, RpcTarget, Boolean, Object[]) (at Assets/Photon/PhotonUnityNetworking/Code/PhotonNetwork.cs:2731)
    Photon.Pun.PhotonView:RPC(String, RpcTarget, Object[]) (at Assets/Photon/PhotonUnityNetworking/Code/PhotonView.cs:410)
    TanksMP.<SpawnRoutine>d__9:MoveNext() (at Assets/TanksMultiplayer/Scripts/ObjectSpawner.cs:153)
    UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine:InvokeMoveNext(IEnumerator, IntPtr)

    Can you help me please to reslove it?
    Thanks :)

  • Hello,

    if you install the Photon PUN package via our Plugin Setup window, Photon runs a setup that opens all scenes for assigning all object view IDs. It could be that this setup went wrong.

    Please try opening all game scenes (CTF, TDM) and just save them. The view IDs on the PhotonViews should be assigned and different than 0 - please double check that.

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