DotWeen Warning

  • Bought the asset a year ago, and started adding it to my current project, however I noticed when I tried to test the demo scenes, I started getting this warning. I'm using Unity 2018.2.18f1. Any idea how to fix this?


    As about your question in the email if I did any modification in the scene, I did no modification, the scenes are as they are. This only appears at the end of the some scenes, like the camera fly I think and the other one, the scene before the navmensh, the others are ok.

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    I tried to reproduce the warnings by importing SWS into a new Unity 2019.1.0 project, but could not seem to get them, even after playing around with the DOTween settings. Since the warnings are unlikely to cause any issues - and the demo scenes still work as expected I guess - you could just disable them in the DOTween Utility Panel, by setting the Log Behavior to "Errors Only".

    Tools > Demigiant > DOTween Utility Panel

    DOTween settings

  • It worked, no more warning! Thanks man,

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