Cancelling test purchase on Google Play

    • So I made the changes and it seems to work in the unity editor in android mode.
    • When I run the game on the android phone it does show it has been paid for.

    However, is their a way to not do this? I'd like to test the app as if it has not been purchased. I have deleted the app, rebooted and tried everything but it still comes up as being paid for. Is there a way to remove this or will google play store always now say it has been purchased?

  • Purchases are associated to the Google Play account they have been bought with. After launching the app, Simple IAP System initializes in-app purchases and receives a list of non-consumable purchases from Google Play the user has made before. Deleting + reinstalling the app clears the local inventory, but not the transaction orders from Google Play - this is how restores work.

    As per this page, you have two ways to cancel transactions on Google Play:

    Google Play accumulates completed test purchases for each user but does not pass them on to financial processing. Over time, it automatically clears out the purchases by cancelling them.
    In some cases, you might want to manually cancel a test purchase to continue testing. For cancelling purchases, you have these options:

    • Wait for the transactions to expire - Google Play clears completed test purchases 14 days after their purchase date.
    • Cancel purchases manually - you can go to the Google Wallet Merchant Center, look up the transaction, and then cancel it. You can find transactions by looking up their order numbers.

    So you can either wait 14 days for Google Play to do it automatically, or cancel them manually. The order management is located within the Google Play Console. The process is explained on the official documentation:

    Cancel 1

    Cancel 2

    Note that even after cancelling the transaction within Order Management on Google Play, it could still take up to 48 hours for your app to recognize the cancelled purchase, as Google Play caches the app transactions on the device locally as well.

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