NOTICE: Asset Depreciation

  • With the release of Unity 2019.1 this week, we have deprecated our asset "3D Tower Defense Starter Kit" on the Unity Asset Store, effectively removing it from sale.

    Existing customers can still download it via their purchased assets overview. Also, we are going to provide support for as long as possible. However, please note that there won't be further updates, in the cases of feature requests, bugs or Unity incompatibility errors.

    3D Tower Defense Starter Kit was our first Unity asset released on the Unity Asset Store mid 2012. We have gained much experience over its lifetime, and actually created another asset out of it as well - our most popular Simple Waypoint System asset. Unfortunately in the last few years, there has not been much interest in our asset, or maybe the Tower Defense genre in general. With more and more competitors showing up on the Unity Asset Store and Unity releasing their own tower defense template for free, sales on our asset nearly dropped to zero. Switching Unity versions for such a complete project is difficult and to keep up with the pace at which Unity releases new features (scriptable rendering pipeline, LWRP/HDRP, DOTS, shader graph and soon visual scripting), a lot of work would need to be invested, without being profitable at all. Because of this, we decided to deprecate this kit, so we are able to put more energy and focus on our other assets.

    Thank you for your understanding. This forum section will remain open for your questions.

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