NOTICE: Asset Depreciation

  • With the release of Unity 2019.1 this week, we have deprecated our asset "NavMesh Extension" on the Unity Asset Store, effectively removing it from sale.

    Existing customers can still download it via their purchased assets overview. Also, we are going to provide support for as long as possible. However, please note that there won't be further updates, in the cases of feature requests, bugs or Unity incompatibility errors.

    NavMesh Extension had a very specific use case in mind when releasing it on the Asset Store - the ability to easily draw (flat) walkable meshes in smaller environments, like rooms, houses, or cities. After 5 years of supporting it and adding new features now and then, it became clear that the scope this asset was designed to cover, was not enough in order to appeal for a broad audience. In addition to Unity limitations we could not work around at that time (such as 2D NavMeshes, or modifying the NavMesh data array at runtime), we received a lot of mixed reviews on the Unity Asset Store. Finally, Unity introduced their own update on the NavMesh features in the 2017.2 cycle, called NavMesh components. As these components basically replace our asset in many areas, I do recommend using them instead. Now with the features transitioned to official Unity components and us providing support for 2 additional years, interest in our asset has almost vanished, so we pushed that "exit" button to put more energy and focus on our other assets.

    Thank you for your understanding. This forum section will remain open for your questions.

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