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  • Hey Guys,

    In my app I'm having special abilities for the user on his character. To equip his Special-Ability the user has to watch an ad, and can stack up to three times. Instead I want to grant the user an opportunity to have the Special-Ability for an amount of time (depends on package, let's say 0,99cents for 1 week) to have it always equipped without having to watch an ad. He can still watch the ad if he wants, but if he buys this, he can play without ad using the Special Ability for one week.

    How would I achieve an item that will grant my user something for an amount of time?


  • Hey,

    what you are describing is basically a subscription. Both the Google Play store and Apple store support subscriptions, and so does Simple IAP System. You'll have the choice between weekly, monthly, etc. or yearly subscriptions.


    Instead of a subscription, you could also make use of a consumable product, and save a "length of one week" date value to the player's device locally. You could then check this date value on each app launch, and remove it on expiration. This approach is very vulnerable to hacks though, and doesn't work cross-devices either.

    If you're using our PlayFab online integration, there's also another option you could make use of. PlayFab supports expiring products - consumable or non-consumable, and the duration of each product can be defined in the product settings itself. Once a product is expired, it is removed from the user's inventory automatically, thus no longer accessible in-game.

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