Hide InApp Item

  • Hey,

    is it possible to Hide an InApp item in the Shop but let it the user have, if he bought it? Let's say I want to offer some skins that u can just buy temporariliy, but if a user has bought the Skin and if it's not available in the store, he still has it?


  • Hi Dario,

    the display and ownership of IAP items is separate in terms of responsible components:

    ShopManager: instantiates IAP items
    DBManager: manages user inventory

    You can control what the ShopManager displays without affecting the IAPManager (requesting products from the stores) and DBManager components. How to display the offer (and otherwise hiding the IAP item in your shop scene) would be up to you - you would still need to keep the product in the IAPManager Settings editor, but should control the placement yourself. E.g. by requesting current offers from an external provider like PlayFab.

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