Friends Room

  • How can I provide the player with the ability to create a private room for his friends and invite them to join the room using ID or Name (Using Photon)?

  • Photon provides the following API for that, taken from here:

    PhotonNetwork.JoinOrCreateRoom(roomName, roomOptions, typedLobby, expectedUsers);

    Currently in the NetworkManagerCustom script when using "Online" mode, the API PhotonNetwork.ConnectToBestCloudServer is being used. You would need to either add a new mode for "Friends Room" or modify the existing calls in the NetworkManagerCustom.StartMatch() method. Additionally, if your room name is not constructed automatically e.g. from the player name, you would need an additional UI InputField for entering the room name, and also for allowing others to enter it - they would then call the same method passing in the room name.

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