Integration with ADVENTURE CREATOR

  • Hi, i've buyed this nice asset for using with ADVENTURE CREATOR but i can't understand how can i integrate it.
    Someone, can help me?
    Many Thanks!


  • Hi Liam,

    unfortunately I do not own Adventure Creator. Could you please share more information, or maybe a video, on how exactly you plan to combine the two?

  • @Baroni hi, Baroni. Are young italian? :) I'm italian.
    Thanks for replay. Adventure Creator is an asset game Creator for point and click games.
    It allow to change the navmesh engine with an external one like your.
    Here, a post from another user for the same question:


  • I'm German :)

    Thanks for the link, so Adventure Creator allows to write sub classes for external navmesh engines, which its "characters" can use then?

    I'm still not sure how that works out, since NavMesh Extension actually does not create its own navmesh - it bakes a default Unity navmesh, just like you would do in the built in navigation panel. Is there no option to let Adventure Creator use the Unity navmesh?

  • @Baroni no, Adventure Creator don't have a his navmesh for 3d. He use a mesh that you must give or use the navmesh standard from Unity. Buy the character can't navigate over standard navmesh without an help like navmesh segment.
    I saw that your asset Is very very responsive and precise. And Is very intuitive and Easy to draw the navmesh. I would like so much to find a solution to implement It on Adventure Creator and i think that many user Will find useful.
    Adventure Creator Is a game asset that live around a navmesh (for point and click games) and your asset appear the best simple way to draw a navmesh.


  • I've had a look at the settings in Adventure Creator, and found that you can use "Navigation Method = Unity Navigation" on its Scene Settings.

    Please see this link for more details.

    That's the deepest integration you will get: NavMesh Extension creates the meshes, but you'll bake the Unity Navigation "navmesh" as usual via Window > AI > Navigation. Specifying "Unity Navigation" in Adventure Creator's Scene Settings will then make use of that mesh. Giving each NavMesh Extension mesh a MeshCollider component, and putting it on the NavMesh layer should be sufficient based on the instructions above?

  • Beautiful Baroni! IT WORK!
    The only way for bake the navmesh are to apply a specific Material from AC. Today i'll make more tests and write here the solution. Many Thanks!

    Liam :)

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