Server Side Receipt Validation

  • Download the package from this post below. Note that this only works with Simple IAP System version 4+.



    The validation file is named verify.php, which you need to upload to your own server - it needs read & write access to the folder it has been uploaded to. Also included is the manual PDF on how to set this up, as well as server & technical instructions.

    Unity instructions:

    • copy the ReceiptValidatorServer script into your project
    • attach the ReceiptValidatorServer script to your IAPManager prefab (in the project panel)
    • in the ReceiptValidatorServer inspector, choose verification type (subscriptions should be checked on start)
    • enter the server url where the verify.php script is located, e.g. ""

    Enable 'Development Build' in your build settings when deploying to your device in order to see all important messages the receipt service logs to the console - and that it actually validates the purchase!

  • Android: updated from API v1.1 (deprecated in Dec 19) to v3.

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