Info: New Forum

  • As we migrated our forum to a new platform, unfortunately existing users have to register again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Because of piracy issues in the past, and we spending a lot of our time answering questions of fake customers, we have limited asset support only to valid customers. While registering your new account, you will have to enter your Invoice ID (or multiple invoice IDs) from the Unity Asset Store. You will then be able to post topics in the category of your purchased asset. We may post member-only content in these categories in the future as well, e.g. beta versions, sample use cases or pre-release bug fixes.

    If you are already registered and buy another asset from us, please mail info[at]rebound-games[dot]com so we can add the correct role to your account.

    Thanks for your understanding, and keep on creating great apps!

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