Empty Grid

  • Just bought NavMesh extensions. Has been extremely frustrating so far but it does seem like it will do what I want which is have roads marked out to use as preferred paths with low costs and things like rough terrain with much higher costs so my AI stop trying to scale mounts and getting stuck. I keep ending up with something like this where it's just points but not filled in. How do I get back to a filled in shape from this?  Renders are enabled. http://marshallvisions.tech/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/NavMeshExtensionEmpty.jpg and any other pointers for what I'm trying to acheive would be appreciated. It's a very large world with the AI travelling from any point to any other point.


  • Hello there,

    that's difficult for me to answer, since you didn't include the inspector in your screenshot. NavMesh Extension creates regular meshes in edit mode. Could you check that:

    • you disabled edit mode on the NavMesh game object
    • a mesh is then existant on the NavMesh game object
    • you assigned a material to the mesh

    You should be able to create a mesh with renderer+material in the sample scene, which you could use for reference. There is nothing wrong with your use case for roads+terrain, however please note that the underlying navigation system is still Unity AI, which naturally decreases performance when the NavMesh gets bigger and bigger.

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