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  • Hi,

    first off, thanks for the great plugin. It's helping me a lot.
    I know that the intention of this plugin is helping people to make tutorials and see the steps in a more visual way, but i think that the dialogs (2D and 3D) that you can configurate to each step was not a good aproach. I will try to explain: you will never be able (maybe 'never' be too strong, but will be very dificult) to implement a tool that will be better that the 'Unity' itself, so instead to write more code to try to make a tool to build a dialog i think that would be more easy and less complex if you improve the tutorial to teach people how to use 'Events' and how to build their own dialogs (Using Unity UI) and how to trigger this events. The tool to configure the steps dialog is great but if we needed just one thing that is not in tool (configurations in the inspector) we have to use our own dialog or ask to you to add this needed.

    To still help people with the dialogs i have two suggestions. One very simple and other more complex (but with the second one i can help):
    1 - Added prefbs in the plugin with prebuilt dialogs, so people can use it on their won project.
    2 - You can add a list in each step that the user can point an object and select the event that must happen in this object and when the event is triggered the tutorial goes to the next step. I will be dificult to explain this without showing any image, but i will exaplain how i changed your code to achieve this idea:
    1 - I add a list below to the Actions's list in the 'StepNode'
    2 - Each item on the list have an object and one event type (EventTriggerType)
    3 - Each item on the list have an output 'Connector' that can be linked to another step or event
    4 - When the scene starts i go in each object on the list and add the EventTrigger component on it and subscribe to the event type selected to that object
    5 - Before goes to the next step i go in each object on the list and remove the EventTrigger (this is to not let junk in the object)

    I implemented this on my project and now it is more easy to build the tutorial. If you like i will be happy to share my code.

    Sorry for the long post and for giving opinios on you plugin, but really like it and i think that will be no harm to help.

  • Hi,

    thanks for the detailed feedback, appreciate it.

    First off, you can do both. Use TutorialDesigner to build quick dialogues (the advantage here is the "you see what you get" approach. And you don't have to build it for every step, you can duplicate it with all settings.
    Besides you can use your own dialogue objects. So that is already ready to use.

    So if I get your idea right, you combined Step- and Event nodes, right? Sounds interesting. But aren't the Stepnodes somehow big then? Can you share a screenshot?

    Thanks a lot.

  • Yes Magoun,

    was is exactly that. I could achieve the same result using nodes and events, but my tutorial would have become larger because i would have to add an event between each node (i use my won dialog, so each dialog's 'ok' button would have to trigger an event in the tutorial to go to the next node) and i would have leave some garbage on my scene (buttons with events which trigger some event on the tutorial).

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