Multi tutorial

  • Hi,

    first off, thanks for the great plugin. It's helping me a lot.
    There are any chances to you update the plugin to be able to have more than one tutorial per scene? I know that we can use Events to have more than one tutorial per scene (like discussed on this post: /forum/topic/1954/), but it would be much easier to split our logic in diferents tutorials, we would be able to use the 'one time' tutorial in others tutorials in the same scene and for a project with a more complex tutorial like mine the TutorialWindow start to became very complex.

  • Hi Raphaelns,

    thanks for the feedback. Well, we already thought of creating groups for nodes. To increase visibility in a large scene. Like containers which display as one object, and contain many nodes. Would this be also an option for you?

    Best, Michael

  • HI Migoun,

    i will wait for the update to get a real opinion, but seems like a good solution. Thanks

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