"Unity IAP is not initialized correctly!" on Android.

  • Hi guys,

    I just recently purchased your Simple IAP asset and I absolutely love how easy it was to set it up and get everything ready in the store. I am having a problem where I keep getting "Billing is not available" when I try and test my game app on a device. The debug logs say "Unity IAP is not initialized correctly".

    I have double-checked, and followed the exact instructions. I have the ShopManager, IAPManager instances running in game, and the IAPManager has the Google Key set properly. I have enabled IAPs in Unity, and have the products created in the Google Play Store and matched the product Ids to the ones in the shop database. I have the build bundle identifier matching the one in the Google Play store, and have published the APK to alpha.

    I have not missed any steps in the process, yet I still can't get it to work....

    What can I do?

    Thank you!

  • Hi Kevin,

    thanks for the summary on what you already checked. You probably went over the following checklist as well, which covers everything you need to do for Google Play:


    You didn't explicitly mention setting up and using test users, and if the other things are all correct, that's the only point I found based on what you wrote. Please understand that I cannot remotely debug Google Play App Store - Unity connections so there is not much I can help, if all points in the checklist have been met. However note that releasing an app to alpha or beta can take up to 24 hours before it is available on Google Play, meaning that billing won't work right away on the first APK upload.

  • @Baroni Hi, I tried version 2.1.1 of the API and I no longer get that error, but when I press the buy button I get this, "Billing is not available".

  • Thanks for the confirmation.

    The "Billing is not available" errors means that billing cannot be initialized, which can have several different causes. If you are targeting Google Play, please refer to this post and go over each point - there is not much I can help in this regard (setting up your app on the App Stores). There is a guide for Apple's store with the same list as well.

  • I reviewed everything and everything is like the document, in unity it works well for me (although I do not get the purchase box but it does the action) but when I export it but instead of build and run I export it and pass it to the mobile apk is when I get the message "Billing is not available"

  • As written in the linked post, I am not able to assist further since the issue is out of my reach. Debug the device to find out more.

  • I have made and checked all the points and it still does not work..I need help. Attachment screenshots!!


  • Moved your post here since it is not related to the original thread anymore.

    Please also see my post above, 2 years ago. Draft apps do not work - did you publish it as alpha or beta? Also it does not seem like you have debugged the device log yet, which could provide more information.

    Note that as per our Support Policy, my resources are limited when it comes to topics outside our assets, such as correctly setting up an app on the App Stores. There are hundreds of topics on the internet already regarding how to set up an app in Google Play for billing. A 1-1 support session on this is usually not necessary.

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