Starting with errors

  • Hi,

    I just downloaded the tutorial designer, but there are few problems from the beginning:

    There is an error just after the import of the asset:
    Assets/TutorialDesigner/Scripts/SavePoint.cs(232,55): error CS0234: The type or namespace name PlayModeStateChange' does not exist in the namespace UnityEditor'. Are you missing an assembly reference?

    According to the documentation, i should do this: "That’s it! Now you can open the Editor window by clicking “Window” → “Tutorial Designer” → “Tutorial Editor”, But i have no "Tutorial designer" item under the "window" menu.

    i use unity 2017.1.1f1

    please help me to start using this promising asset.



  • Hello,

    the minimum required Unity version is Unity 2017.3.0, which is what this asset has been submitted with. On the Asset Store, it says:

    "Package has been submitted using Unity 2017.3.0."

    How were you able to download it with an earlier version?

  • I do not know how i've been able to download it... just went to the asset store with my credit card.

    So i've downloaded unity 2018.2.1f1, the problem above has disappeared, but some new ones did appear: Some functions you use are now deprecated in Unity 2018. I've just replaced these deprecated calls with the replacement ones, and it works.
    Now, i have to learn how to make a tutorial..

    Thanks for your help.


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