Create Bot With Online Mode

  • Hi Rebound-games Teams,
    Now i'm using Photon Cloud with Tanks Multiplayer.
    Please tell me the way to implement this feature :

    I would like to add bots player on room. (with Online Mode)
    When player start game with Online Mode, player can play with some bots allready have in room,
    When other players join the game, he can also play with real users and bots.

    What can i do to implement that?
    Please give me some advises.

  • Hello,

    you would need to either create your own script spawning them over the network and taking care of moving, shooting and respawning, or make the PlayerBot script network aware.

    Note that there are no simple instructions for this, since if they were, I would have implemented it already  :)

  • what you would need is the server to calculate the logic/AI for the bot and update it to every clients

  • Ok, I know ,I need a server to implement that.
    Thanks you for your help!

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