Dealing with timeScale

  • Sorry.  One more question.

    I have elsewhere in my game set my timeScale to 0.  This is necessary for certain things to function.  Would this interfere with the functionality of the tutorials at all?  For some reason, a step node is going through it's actions but not displaying the dialog.  This is the only thing that I can think of that would be interfering.


  • Sorry again.  Growing pains with this.  I've got it working now.


    Incidentally, this is one of the best feeling assets that I've purchased.  The node based, visual editing system is wonderful.  I'm quickly getting some very complex behaviors out of this and have been able to make some modifications that gear it towards my needs.  Well done!

  • Hi Alan,

    yes the system works as part of a coroutine, so in order to be triggered - timeScale has to be > 0.

    Thanks a lot, I'm happy to hear that. I could really use such a review in the Asset Store, if you had the time ;-)

    Best, Michael

  • I will definitely leave a review.

    One addition, if possible, would be the ability to reorder actions in a step node.  I'm not sure how easy that would be but it would be helpful (at least for me).

    Thanks again!

  • Just left the review...

  • Hi Alan,

    thanks a lot for your time! Awesome review.

    Well, reordering the Actions is up to Unity's "UnityEvent" class. I used that natively. If you want to reorder that, you can select an action, delete it, and add it again. Then it will appear at the bottom. Since Unity is closed source, i cannot interfere in this class, sorry. Hope that workaround is helpful though.


  • That's what I've been doing.  Thanks.  I figured it was worth asking.

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