Question regarding pointing to specific UI Elements

  • I'm looking for a tutorial solution for my game (rather than building one from scratch) and was wondering if this is capable of a few things.  Namely, I have some steps that would require the player to hit a specific button in the UI to progress.  Is there a way to do this, highlighting a specific button and only allowing that button to intractable to continue?

  • Tutorial Designer makes use of Unity's event system for actions triggered per step. So per step, you have the option of either executing existing properties on game objects or scripts (such as deactivating/enabling a game object or component, making a button interactable in this case, calling methods on scripts), or writing your own custom script method and letting the step call that.

    In this example, you could start with all UI elements being non-interactable and having several steps which make a new UI element interactable, but make the previous UI element non-interactable again. Going over the steps, you could also have a dialog displaying what the user has to do next - or just something like an arrow pointing to the desired button.

  • Added a how to for this:

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