Multi-step tutorial

  • Hi,
    I just want to ask what is the best way to make a multi-step tutorial in the following scenario:
    Game starts for the first time in sceneA. Tutorial sequence1 is started and player goes through it. Then the sceneB is loaded and there a tutorial sequence2 is started. Then again sceneA is loaded and now a tutorial sequence3 is started.. not sequence1.

    Moreover player can quit the game whenever he wants and I'd like the tutorial to continue from where he ended. Is it possible?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Hi Martin,

    first off, sorry for the delay. To point 1, yes that is doable by defining an EventNode as the StartNode and 2 Triggers, f.I.:
    In your SceneA you have an EventNode with those 2 triggers:

    • StartFirstScenario
    • StartSecondScenario
      To each one you connect your different paths. Now when you start that scene, you trigger either the first or the second event. And the according scenario will be triggered.

    Point 2: would be a nice feature, but currently not available, sorry for that. That would assume that the progress would be fully snapshotted to this point. Continuing from one step would not be enough. All previously changed data / player activity to the current step must have been stored. A savegame, so to say.
    But I will keep this interesting question in mind for later versions.

    Best, Michael

  • Thanks for reply.
    The solution with initial EventNode is a nice one. Sorry to not come up with it on my own. I was probably confused with one-time tutorial option and I was thinking more in this way.
    Thanks and if I have more questions I will let you know:)

  • Hi Martin,

    not a problem at all. I'm glad to help anytime!  :)


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