Prefabs and Dialogs

  • I was looking for some clarification regarding the prefab/dialog interface for the tutorial designer, as I don't quite get the paradigm used.  Then it turned into a suggestion.

    Would it be easier if we could have prefabs in the resource directory, that we can have attached to the canvas when we make a node and then referenced to the gameobject instead of the current system?  We could have prefabs for common types of dialogs saved, then have an exact idea of which dialog is being used, instead of relying on the current system.

    Another ease of use suggestion.  A small script could be on the gameobject for the dialogs used in the tutorials, so that we could globally apply settings to the dialogs used in the tutorial.

  • Hi trd99,

    thank you for your constructive suggestions!

    Nr 1: What you actually mean are Dialogue Templates, right? You can already design your own Dialogues but instead the Resource folder, you have to put them into "TutorialDesigner/Resources/Dialogues". More details in the Documentation. You're right however, that they don't have unique names. So that would be an addition, to name the Dialogues by a String in the StepNode. Is this what you were thinking?

    Nr 2: I agree that this makes sense. I will keep that in mind for the next update. If you currently want to change multiple Dialogues, you can Shift + Select them in the Editor Window. And change settings for all selected Nodes there.

    I hope that was helpful.
    Best, Michael

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