Frequently Asked Questions

  • #1 Do the Demo Scripts "Ball.cs", "Game.cs" affect my project?
    No. They are in a separate namespace "TutorialDesigner". So they won't affect your other scripts.

    #2 How can I change the Dialogue Panel to World Space or Camera Space?
    Either change that in the Canvas GameObject, or create your own Canvas and apply that to the TutorialSystem-GameObject.

    #3 Can I use a Tutorial across different Scenes?
    Yes. Export your Tutorial to JSON file and import into another scene. All References from the exported Step Nodes must be available, though. F. i. GameObjects used in scene, or materials etc...

    #4 How can I edit multiple Nodes at once?
    Hold down the Shift-Key and select multiple Nodes. Release Shift and click any Node to end Multi-Selection mode. If all selected Nodes have active Dialogues, you can even edit those simultaneously

    #5 I use FullSerializer, too. Is this a conflict to the included package?
    No. It is a modified version of the original and completely behind the namespace "TutorialDesigner.FullSerializer". Therefore it won't affect your version.

    #6 How can I make a finger pointing on an object within the Tutorial
    This is a generic problem, pointing a finger on something depends on your Canvas, whether your scene is 2d or 3d, if you want the finger from left or right etc…You can easily script this yourself and then put the function in a StepNode, together with a target Transform to point at.
    Quick Guide on YouTube

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